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best horror movies after 2010

It’s tease-and-denial without the sexual satisfaction, as Kim allows Kyung-Chul to hunt victim after victim, busting through the door just in time to deny Kyung-Chul his murderous release. We've posted and updated this list a few times over the years, but with the decade drawing to a close, it's time to The back-half of the decade has seen the arrival of just as many new up-and-coming voices, including critical and commercial successes from Jordan Peele and Ari Aster, festival favorites from international filmmakers like Julia Doucournau, Coralie Fargeat, Issa López, and Panos Cosmatos. While Nina was born for the Swan Queen role, she is too goody-good to nail the role of the Black Swan. It's one of those rare ghost tales that uses color with almost percussive attention, most notably in the bright red streaks of the man with the long, sharp nails, but the most eerie part of this story of suburban possession, with Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne playing parents to a troubled boy, is when the lights go out. Syamoto is weak and troubled while Yukio is successful and tyrannical, and also, as it happens, a brutal murderer, who takes Syamoto's family under-wing and teaches his new best friend how to properly destroy a corpse. Ethan Embry delivers a standout performance as the father torn between his profound love for his family and the allure of artistic success. A man collapses in a mall and pukes up a tide of black blood, causing a bit of a scene amongst Mexico's denizens and the media. that become the implements and enablers of these murders. More than any other decade, the 2010s have taught us that horror can come from anywhere and everywhere, and we can’t get enough. Director Jalmari Helander paces this strange and hugely enjoyable with the zippy pace of a Christmas comedy, and in the script, he beautifully balances the pulpy elements of the story - poor hunters ransoming St. Nick - with the perspective of one of the hunters' children (Onni Tommila), who rightly takes the warning of a belligerent, lunatic Clause very seriously. For her lead mermaid sisters, Golden and Silver, genres collide as they navigate their way through lust, love, and the exploitive nature of the modern world. Evil, played with warmth and ample comedic spirit by Alan Tudyk and Deadbeat's Tyler Labine, are just looking for a good weekend of fishing and beer-drinking when they are suspected of being heartless killers by some dopey college kids. Legendary Pictures. And it’s an Oscar winner as well.” 5. A choice of 236 of the best horror movies released from 2000 to 2021. Watch it on your TV!! From there he assigns his family the duty of civilizing her to “free her from her baser instincts.” Instead, the opposite happens. Credit to Jim Mickle for fashioning a scrappy, if more tidy and story-heavy remake of this Mexican marvel a few years ago, but the 2010 original is a thing of startling intrigue and terror. (That took awhile, by the way, as the film was originally finished in 2009 but didn't hit theaters until November 2010.) – Chris Cabin, Pedro Almodovar’s most outright horror film to date, The Skin I Live In hails from the proud bloodline of Frankenstein and the tradition of brilliant doctors who believe their scientific aspirations supersede the laws of man and nature. Here's mine well not all horror but definitely too scary that gives a scariness more than that 1. Anyone who saw David Robert Mitchell’s charming coming-of-age debut The Myth of the American Sleepover (2010) would have been unlikely to predict his next venture would be a horror movie, not least one so endlessly provocative and relentlessly unnerving. Christmas is the best time for ghost stories. – Haleigh Foutch, Cabin in the Woods is the horror fanatic’s dream come true. Whether from South Korea, Canada, or New York City, the best of these films ruminate on that very thought and there are plenty of just such items on our list of the best horror films of this decade so far, which, not unlike the B-movies of old, features more than a few entries that show more ingenuity and artistic spirit than most so-called prestige pictures. – Chris Cabin, Keep an eye on director Sean Byrne. It’s incredibly haunting stuff in and of itself, but paired with Christopher Young’s spot-on score, these kill scenes and the source of all the violence, the demonic entity Bughuul, become exponentially more unsettling. Through Nina we experience the horror within beauty and repression, as Nina’s stifled womanhood threatens to tear out of her in the guise of a dark double, her black swan, who excels at everything she lacks. –Meagan Navarro, The House That Jack Built is a comedy from Lars von Trier. Tom 2 years ago. In the 2010s, however, horror has emerged as a dominant force at the box office. Like Ti West, Zombie puts stress on silence and slight off-kilter movement (see: the lamps swaying from the ceiling in the hallway), punctuated by hallucinatory images of humongous beasts, naked, cackling witches, and a few things that simply defy concise explanation. They include Marvel blockbusters to Korean tear-jerkers and action movies. – Chris Cabin, In this lovingly dour parable, Santa Clause is not a hefty connoisseur of milk and cookies with a sack full of presents but rather a starved, lanky psychopath (Peeter Jakobi) chiseled out of a mountain for a pretty penny. The film is relentless and grueling, and the roles of predator and prey are in a constant state of revolution as the two find new ways to inflict pain and sabotage each others’ lives. The POV element makes every kill so intimate that the film almost victimizes its viewers, but if you have the stomach for it, Maniac is a first-rate slasher that will make you think twice about walking home alone at night. Obsessed with getting his career back on track, he decides to fully immerse himself in the work and has his family move into the exact house where the murders happened. –Meagan Navarro, Hailing from Poland, The Lure marries the grim origins of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid with a fevered disco dream awash in a neon haze. Her emotional journey moves at a brisk speed, punctuated by euphoric triumph and moments of stark terror. Director Matt Reeves makes the death set-pieces similarly tense and poetic, with plenty of sanguine confetti, but he also finds a distinct personal rhythm, both in the editing and the storytelling, to make Let Me In completely his own, infused with small but telling 1980s totems and built on its own feelings of melancholy, yearning, and seething repression. Sometimes there are gems with a great atmosphere like Midsommar, but Get Out was the first horror movie that gave me chills. The 50 Best Comedies of the 2010s. He thinks he finds it in the story of a family of four that’s found dead, hanging from a tree in their backyard. And so he does; graphically, gruesomely, and regularly, taking home their scalps (peeled from their heads while they’re still alive, of course) as trophies of the kill. The Ten Best Horror Movies of the 2010s. The digital landscape hasn’t just changed how we consume film, but how these films are made. Through Nina’s quest to realize her womanhood, Aronofsky takes us into the horror of madness, perfectionism, and art by revealing the indelible ties between them. – Perri Nemiroff, Maniac is a grimy, grindhouse splatterfest updated for a new generation. The woman’s presence unleashes the barbarousness in them all, and her savagery pales in comparison to the horrors Chris and his teenage son bestow upon her. In narrative terms, The Innkeepers is a classical ghost story set-up turned into a sharp, rambunctious study of curiosity, regret, and repression by Ti West, one of only a handful of truly ambitious filmmakers working in the horror genre. Enough looking ahead, though. A lot can be said for David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows. Think Before Sunrise, but with talons and tentacles. Flip . Here are Nerdist's picks for the best horror movies of 2020. Hollander is limited a bit by the gimmick of the film, but he also makes something macabre and charming out of the thin material, littered with dead reindeers and odd sight gags that play off of the more familiar traditions and mythologies of the holiday season. Our favorite genre had one hell of a decade. This is one heck of a feature directorial debut with Byrne exhibiting a deft hand on the style and tone, letting him churn out a brilliant blend of dark comedy and horrific brutality. 2010 Horror movies, movie release dates. – Chris Cabin, In remaking one of George A. Romero's lesser-known masterworks, Breck Eisner spins a chilling vision of unexplained, untreatable madness, and suggests that his true place was always in horror, rather than in unbearable adventure pictures like Sahara. Only a few years in, and this decade is already shaping up to be a classic. At least, that’s what it felt like in the 2010s: Your straight-up, stupid slapstick comedy may have gone the way of the Marx Brothers, but it seemed like every drama, superhero movie, and horror flick couldn’t help injecting in some levity and jokes. The Woman wears its gender politics a bit flamboyantly, but with the horror savvy McKee and Ketchum at the wheel, it’s a clever inversion of genre tropes that will have you squirming in your seat. The movies Howard Hawks, John Ford, Val Lewton, and Jacques Tournier (to name a few) directed were never going to win the Academy Awards, at least in the eyes of the studio heads, and therefore, the productions didn’t need to be controlled and looked over so diligently. Even though the decade is drawing to a close, for the horror genre, it feels like a new dawn. Most of her harrowing journey was internal. When the sadistic patriarch of the household, Chris (Sean Bridgers) finds a feral woman (Pollyanna McIntosh) in the woods near their isolated country cottage, he does what any reasonable person would do — kidnaps her and chains her in the cellar. Paced brilliantly and edited with rhythmic visual nuance, Insidious doesn't have the sharpened sense of character that The Exorcist or The Changeling do, but it's unmistakably one of the true heirs to those films' electrifying way of conveying the confusion, instability, and fright of being haunted by those things one cannot see and are not meant to exist. Share. While horror’s future is robust, now is the time to reflect upon the memorable bone-chilling seeds or terror planted this decade. As for the aliens, Cornish takes the minimalist approach, dishing out dark, shadowy creatures whose defining feature is a nasty set of sharp, glowing teeth. Joe Cornish’s first go behind the lens tells what happens when a group of teenage thugs come to learn that the earth is being attacked by “gorilla wolf motherfuckers” and take it upon themselves to defend their London tower block. Director Agnieszka Smoczyńska makes one powerful feature debut by infusing a fairy tale coming-of-age story with autobiographical elements from her youth, including the film’s seedy night club setting. It all leads up to a massacre of a final act, rife with B-horror tastelessness that will alternately have you groaning with disgust and applauding with righteousness.

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